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About Us

A few years ago, refrigerators were very basic. You had a few brands to choose from (most of which were very trustworthy) and two design choices: bottom freezers and top freezers. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of refrigerators on the market. You can choose between bottom freezers, top freezers, side-by-side refrigerators, french door refrigerators or counter depth refrigerators. Moreover, there are over a dozen brands that you can choose from, and each refrigerator has different features meant to satisfy all of your food storing needs. Since we know that it can be very hard to navigate this wide sea of choices, we have put a lot of time and effort into building the ultimate refrigerator reviews website, so that you can choose the best unit for your needs.

Who We Are

We are a team of young people, dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased reviews of the most popular refrigerators of the moment. TopRefrigerator.Reviews is an easy to navigate website, designed to help the average customer compare different refrigerators and choose the one that suit their needs the most.

What We Do

TopRefrigerator.Reviews is committed to providing the average customer with comprehensive yet easy to understand refrigerator reviews. We have noticed that most of the reviews that you can find online can fit into one of two categories: professional reviews and customer reviews. Each one of these two types of reviews has its pros and cons. Professional reviews are often biased as they have an advertising nature. Customer reviews on the other hand are inconclusive and way too subjective. Our reviews combine both a professional and theoretic approach with real evaluations.

The theoretic approach

All the refrigerators reviews found on our website have a similar structure, as they analyze the same features on each refrigerator. We focus on the 5 main elements that matter: Size & Design, Performance & Features, Capacity & Storage, Energy Efficiency and Warranty & Support. By analyzing the same features on all the refrigerators, our reviews can help you compare and contrast, so that you can choose the best refrigerator for your home.

Real evaluations

Reading a list of specifications and testing a product can give you two different impressions over a product. In order to be real and trustworthy, our reviews also take into account countless customer reviews as well as data gathered by tests that we or other trustworthy institutions perform.

Our Principles


TopRefrigerator.Reviews is committed to always abide by the highest standards of quality. Our website is constantly updated in order to offer you fresh and noteworthy information.


There are a lot of review websites that only feature positive appliance reviews. Those reviews are not real and are mainly used as advertisements. Since we want our readers to trust us, we have an unbiased approach towards all the refrigerators that we analyze. If a refrigerator does not offer enough to justify its price or if it has received a lot of bad customer reviews and negative test ratings, you can count on us to include this information on our reviews.


We think that our reviews have the perfect formula: they include all the information that matters and this information is presented in a clear and concise manner, in order to be understood by anyone. Nevertheless, we aim to constantly improve ourselves. We are receptive to your feedback and everyday, we put all our efforts into trying to be better than we were yesterday.

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